Dynamic Environments Require Rapidly Reactive Systems

You can remake the environment for the automated system, but it is better to
make the system react to the changing environment in real-time.

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Collision Avoidance

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Better Reliability

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Better Throughput

3Laws Supervisor

Boost your autonomy stack with computationally efficient collision avoidance and get more done.

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Rover Robotics

Group 47222

Rover Robotics’s ruggedized industrial robots are now even better with 3Laws Supervisor.

ico teleoperations

Collision-free teleoperations in unfamiliar environments

ico fast installation

Installable in less than 5 commands with pre-built configuration files

Group 47221

Collision Avoidance

System Stability

System Stability

Constraint Satisfaction

Constraint Satisfaction

3Laws Supervisor Pro

Operating between system planners and controllers, Supervisor Pro is tuned for specific use cases to deliver necessary outcomes.

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vista ace

USAF Vista

Supervisor Pro keeps both human and AI F-16 pilots safe in high-performance combat environments.

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Collision Avoidance

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AI Monitoring

Try 3Laws Supervisor Today

Get a 2-month trial license for 3Laws Supervisor on ROS1 Noetic or ROS2 Humble.

The 3Laws Supervisor is a ROS-based package for Ubuntu 20 and 22 to provide collision avoidance for
ground-based mobile robots (wheeled and quadrupeds) based on 2D laserscan data or lists of perceived obstacles.The software downloads as a Debian package and installs on your target system through a command-line script.Supervisor can be run as a monitoring node or it can actively command your vehicle if its output is channeled
(remapped) to your system’s inputs.

The download package is available for the following configurations:

ROS/Ubuntu Distributions
Ubuntu 22 ROS2 Humble/Iron
Ubuntu 20 ROS1 Noetic ROS2 Foxy/Galactic

These versions are supported on amd64 (x86_64) and arm64 processor architectures.

Please contact 3Laws support to discuss availability of other configurations.

Foxy, Iron, and Galactic have been compiled (and can be requested), but have not been
thoroughly tested by 3Laws.


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