License Questions

How do I obtain a trial license and download for 3Laws Supervisor?

This link: Trial Download will bring up the trial download form on a different page of the web site. The trial license will be e-mailed to the address that you provide. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it within a few minutes of requesting it.

The license is valid for 60 days from the time when you request it.

On how many devices/robots can I use my license for Supervisor?

Every full license is valid for a single device. If you are using a trial license, you may use it on 2 devices during the trial period.

Supervisor Capabilities

What is the difference between Supervisor and Supervisor Pro?

3Laws Supervisor is an off-the-shelf ROS-based node that provides collision avoidance for ground robots such as omni-directional quadruped, omni-directional wheeled, font-steered wheeled, and differential drive wheeled/tracked platforms.

3Laws Supervisor Pro uses the same technology as Supervisor but is built to support specific applications:

  • Communication interfaces other than ROS
  • Platforms such as flying propeller-based vehicles, fixed wing aircraft, marine surface boats, submarines, passenger vehicles, and autonomous big-rigs, for example.
  • A wide variety of single or combined objectives including collision avoidance, geo-fencing, stability, and specific-state limiting (such as angle-of-attack).
  • Operational Domains where formal certification is desired.
  • Specific optimizations based on higher-order system models. The more accurate the model, the more responsive the Supervisor can be, and the higher performance that can be obtained from the system.

Please contact sales to discuss the possibilities with Supervisor Pro.

What computational infrastructure is required for 3Laws Supervisor?

Supervisor uses ROS for communication and execution. The following versions of ROS/ROS2 are supported:

ROS/Ubuntu Distributions
Ubuntu 22 ROS2 Humble:
Fully Supported
ROS2 Iron:
Partially Tested
Ubuntu 20 ROS1 Noetic:
Fully Supported
ROS2 Foxy:
Partially Tested
ROS2 Galactic:
Partially Tested

These versions are supported on amd64 (x86_64) and arm64 processor architectures.

Please contact 3Laws support to discuss
availability of other configurations.
Foxy, Iron, and Galactic have been compiled (and
can be requested), but have not been thoroughly tested by 3Laws.

Supervisor has been deployed on systems including Raspberry Pi 4. If a 2D Lidar with less than 2000 points is used, Supervisor will be able to recalculate solutions typically in 2ms or less.

User Documentation

Detailed user documentation is available here

Supervisor Integration
and Troubleshooting

How to integrate Supervisor into an existing publication/subscription chain

After installing Supervisor on a ROS-based system, the command paths need to be rearranged so that Supervisor sits between the planner/autonomy-stack and the robot drivers if Supervisor is to be used actively (e.g. not just as a monitor).

There basic need os to change the robot driver’s subscription for commands from the existing one (e.g. “/cmd”) to the Supervisor output (“/lll/ram/filtered_input”) and then set up Supervisor to subscribe to the original command set (e.g. “/cmd”). This can be accomplished by changing the subscription topic in the low-level driver/controller or by remapping the input at launch time. Examples of this are provided in: here

Supervisor Integration and Troubleshooting

Experiencing difficulty finding a solution? Feel free to reach out to us at, and we’ll gladly assist you in resolving any support-related inquiries.