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Andrew Singletary

Andrew Singletary, Ph.D. has showcased the power of control theory in several industry partnerships as part of his doctoral dissertation. He now leads 3Laws in productizing these advances to democratize autonomy.

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Thomas Gurriet

Thomas Gurriet, Ph.D. has demonstrated some of the earliest hardware results of guaranteeing safe robot behavior. He is now leveraging his domain expertise and industry experience  to lead the 3Laws’ engineering efforts.

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Chief Scientist
Aaron Ames

Aaron Ames, Ph.D. is a Caltech professor and world-renowned expert in control theory and bipedal robotics. He founded 3Laws Robotics to bring his advanced mathematical constructs to industry, creating safer and more efficient robots.

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VP Product
Amir Sharif

Amir started his career in technical roles and became a product manager after getting his MBA at Cal. He founded Aporeto (Palo Alto Networks) and worked in a founder role at Opsani (Cisco). He is passionate about scale, automation, and efficiency.

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Staff Engineer
Al Moser

Al Moser, Ph. D. has more than 20 years of experience implementing and deploying software systems for control, analysis, and processing in applications including satellites, aircraft, autonomous motorcycles, self-driving trucks, and genomics.

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Member of Board of Directors
Julie Schoenfeld

Julie Schoenfeld is a serial entrepreneur and executive with a passion for identifying talent and assembling effective teams. Julie Schoenfeld managed an innovative team of engineers, designers marketing and sales professionals to provide digital publishing software for premium publishers.

Mike Casey

VP of global sales

Mike Casey

Michael has a proven track record of scaling revenue and sales operations from early stage startups to large public companies. He has built and driven comprehensive go-to-market strategies across multiple technologies, and led sales in Aporeto (PANW).

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