The intersecting challenges
for robot manufacturers

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Operate in tele-operated and autonomous modes.

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Resource Intensive Adjustments

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Complex Real-World Dynamics

Nav2 is powerful

First Design Looks Simple (2)

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Rapid Prototyping | Speeds up readiness to ship prototypes that include perception, localization, and planning.

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Efficient Navigation | Excels at guiding robots smoothly from point A to point B.

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Intermediate Poses | Enables more complex tasks such as object following and complete coverage navigation.

…but it has limitations

Challenges in Tuning

Nav2 performs well for rough planning at the prototype phase, but requires a lot of work to handle recovery from unexpected corner cases. As your implementation on Nav2 increases in complexity, the number of corner conditions also increases, and reliability and performance suffer.

Botton line: unplanned events, like local collision avoidance, trip up Nav2.

Adapt to Dynamic Environments

Nav2 struggles when dealing with dynamic environments where one should expect the unexpected. Simply put, it is not a high-adaptability solution. For wide applicability and acceptance, robots need to interact with humans in the real world.

This limitation results in unexpected stoppage or collisions. The robot’s throughput drops, providing less output and economic benefits to your customer.


Shipping First Beta Complex, Slow, Computationally Intensive 1



Amp Up your Nav2 Deployment with 3Laws
Copilot stack or human operator




3Laws Shipping First Beta Complex Slow Computationally Intensive (1)

3Laws Copilot is a plug-and-play filter for Nav2-generated commands for collision avoidance.


Simplify your planning algorithm by relaxing or suppressing complex or hard constraints that bottleneck your solver. Let 3Laws Copilot enforce these constraints independently.


3Laws Copilot is computationally light weight because it solves local problems, whereas most planning algorithms work globally. Therefore, it does not sacrifice on mapping resolution or safety margins.

Benefits for Manufacturers:

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Faster Time to Market

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Enhanced System Performance

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Reduced Business Risks

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Increased Customer Satisfaction

Benefits for 

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Higher Throughput and Efficiency

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Minimized Collision Risks

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Maximized Return on Investment

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