Group 47239

Collision Avoidance

Predict and avoid obstacle collisions when in motion and while carrying loads.

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Stay within prescribed boundaries both on the ground and in the air.

Group 47243

System Stability

Limit tip-overs, wobbles, and other instabilities during operations.

Group 47245

Constraint Satisfaction

Keep your system within any operational envelope that has real-time metrics.

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Collision Avoidance

Your objective is to maintain maximal operational uptime at the highest performance levels while minimizing risks. E-stops minimize risks but stop operations.

Motion conservativeness degrades performance. 3Laws Supervisor makes your operations reliable by delivering high performance with less risk.

Group 47249

Avoid Objects Dynamically

React in real-time to unplanned changes in the operations theater.

Group 47250

Keep Constant Distance

Enable behaviors such “wall hugging” by staying close without contact.

Group 47251

Adapt Performance

Adjust performance in real-time per proximity of people or objects.

Group 47252

Simplify Your Navigation Stack

Relieve your dev team from thinking through every corner case.


Whether operating on the ground or in the air, Supervisor keeps your automated system within the desired confines by respecting geographical boundaries and avoiding restricted airspaces.

System Stability

Supervisor delivers the highest possible mathematical performance by keeping your system in a controlled configuration. Avoids tipping over, wobbling, and other oscillations.

Specific Constraint Satisfaction

Supervisor Pro can add the necessary control to your system to satisfy any performance constraint as long as your systems’ sensors provides the relevant real-time metrics.

Multi- Objective Combinations

Sophisticated systems require combinations of collision avoidance, geofencing, and system stability. Work with 3Laws Supervisor Pro to achieve balances and combinations of objectives that are otherwise difficult or impossible.

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